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Make yourself irresistible with a pheromone-infused cologne from N(10)Z! These colognes are undeniably sexy. Aside from their strong, masculine scents, they have a secret weapon in the form of the N(10)Z pheromone formula that makes you powerfully attractive to those who are near you. So get ready to have some fun! Go ahead, let someone lean in real close.

If you want to really take your style up to the next level, consider adding a men’s cologne to your arsenal of secret style weapons. Wearing the right fragrance, though it doesn’t change the way you look, can add a mysterious It Factor that will have everyone wondering—at least, everyone you let come close—what makes you so magnetic. The best men’s cologne can be worn not only to make you feel your best on a special occasion, but on a day-to-day basis as well. You don’t need to save your scent for high-profile dates and events. We only want the best, most enticing personal fragrances, so we’ve got three of our favorite mens colognes by N10Z (intense) that we fully stand behind.

N10Z creates colognes with an exclusive pheromone formula. Once on your skin, the pheromones are released into the air and stimulate the vomeronasal organ of another person. For just the pure pheromones mixed with alcohol and water, try N10Z by Intense, the company’s eponymous cologne. Apply this scentless formula the same way you would any other cologne, and as the alcohol evaporates the pheromones will become airborne. If you want to get the effect of the pheromones combined with a great scent as well, try Masculinity by N10Z, a strong and sexy scent. It combines exotic spices, aromatic herbs, and crisp citrus notes for an effect that is rich and sensual. It is infused with the exclusive N10Z male-to-male hormone formula to make you even more alluring. The name of the scent says it all: Masculinity by N10Z exudes the sensuality and self-assuredness that distinguishes every great man. Another great mens cologne is TEN by N10Z. If Masculinity is a dark, brooding nighttime scent, then TEN is its high-energy, daytime counterpart. TEN by N10Z is a mix of bright citrus, fresh ocean breeze, and earthy patchouli oil and cedarwood. It is also mixed with the signature N10Z pheromones for extra sensual appeal. Wear any of the N10Z men’s colognes to stimulate your senses and experience the rich, well-rounded scents along with the power of the pheromones. Just be ready for the extra attention. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!