Calvin Klein


Go for the ultimate classics that never go out of style. When it comes to men’s underwear, no brand is more iconic than Calvin Klein. It’s so simple and so sexy. Be undeniably hot in one of these timeless styles that offer major sex appeal as well as serious comfort.

Is there any name more widely renowned for sexy underwear? We don’t think so. Calvin Klein has been synonymous with sexy basics for decades now, and for good reason. Calvin Klein underwear for men is seriously hot. Think of that classic look—the white cotton briefs with the logo waistband. It’s a classic! These days, that look is as hot as ever, but good old Calvin also knows that his customers always want more. The brand keeps it current with fresh styles to round out his collection. And they deliver, every time. There’s always something new and exciting from Calvin Klein to add to your collection. It’s the surest of sure bets. Calvin Klein underwear for men is the ultimate sexy classic.

These days, Calvin Klein is rolling out those rock-solid basics that made him famous, but now in totally un-basic neons. Try a classic brief or trunk in black with a neon contrast logo waistband—so hot! The trunks are trimmed with a band (neon, of course) around your upper thigh that prevents the fabric from riding up. These styles fit so perfectly under slim-cut jeans and trousers. Or go for a color supernova with a style entirely in neon pink or yellow. These styles pack serious heat. Even if you wouldn’t dream of wearing a neon pink shirt (and, let’s face it, it’s a rare man who is brave enough and hot enough to pull that off), you can rock neon underwear with confidence. You can be all business on the outside, while there’s a party underneath! And no one will be the wiser. Unless, of course, you feel like showing off.

Calvin Klein men’s underwear is a closet staple that won’t do you wrong—in the softest knits and with classic, simple designs, it’s quality you can count on, with decades of sexiness. But it’s more than just underwear. Don’t miss Calvin Klein tee shirts in soft microfiber, compression tees that chisel your torso into a tightly trimmed solid form, tank tops, and long underwear. Calvin Klein underwear for men is your reliable source for hot and sexy styles, whether you want to spice it up with neon styles and new twists, or go for the ultimate classic designs.