Male Power


Have you always wanted to release your inner sex god? Do you love a naughty look when it comes to your unmentionables? Check out the offerings from Male Power, and get ready for some action. These styles are for bad boys only, so go ahead, be bad. Be very bad!

Powerful. Sexy. Erotic. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of Male Power. It doesn’t get any sexier than these ultra seductive styles, perfect for every day, for special occasions, or for entertaining. Free you rmind, and expand your underwear collection. Let boring men’s underwear be a thing of the past, and choose to make every day an adventure. With Male Power underwear, you’re ready for anything that comes your way—any who knows what that might be!

Get inspired by S&M style, and try these dominatrix-lite styles from Male Power. The Garter Ring Trunk, Ladder Trunk, and Criss Cross Trunk all feature strappy designs with cutouts that are sure to spice up your night. Wear them to wow someone, and prepare for action. All three styles feature mesh fabric and cutouts on the front, sides, and back of the underwear, so check your modesty at the door and put it all out there. These styles are seriously naughty men’s underwear. Be a bad boy!

Another very good way to be very, very bad: The Male Power Rip-Off Bikini. This style leaves little to the imagination, with its o-ring front pouch and strappy sides. But when you’re ready to leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, you can take it all off in a snap. The easy rip-off design means that you can be out of this bikini in no time flat, without any embarrassing fumbling with buckles or straps. Just one graceful flick of the wrist and you’re all bare down there. That’s hot.

Too much for you right now? That’s okay, the Rip-Off Ring Bikini is advanced sexy. Not everyone is ready for that amount of sexy in his life! To ease upon the dirty/sexy factor just a little, go for the Butterfly Ring Thong. Still hot and skimpy, but without rip-off capabilities. Two straps on both sides trace your hip muscles and meet up in the back. This sexy style is sure to please. There is so much available form Male Power, all of it super hot and totally tempting. Go check it out and find what suits you best. There are so many ways to be a super hottie, but it all starts with Male Power.