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N2N makes mens underwear for guys who want to show off what they’ve got! There are tons of fun, irreverently sexy designs here that will make you the hottest thing on the block. Take your pick of sexy styles.

If you love a military-inspired look, and want to impersonate a man in uniform, then suit up with the Bootcamp collection! N2N has a range of men’s underwear and tank top styles for a look that’s tough and strong. In army green and classic black, you’ll be as strong as a soldier and as sexy as you want to be. These styles are perfect for working out in too, should you be so inspired as to tackle a bootcamp workout.

For a different style, with the same quality and comfort of all N2N underwear designs, take a look at the Odyssey collection. Inspired by out ancient hero’s long trek home from war, this collection of styles features a marbled stone print, reminiscent of Greek statues honoring the travel weary Odysseus. Embark on your own Odyssey in these styles, or just go about your busy daily life. After all, running from home to work to the gym and hitting the clubs to let loose can feel like a long journey. Why not stay comfortable and stylish the whole time with the Odyssey collection?

For some more adventurous looks, N2N underwear offers serious sex appeal in the form of ultra seductive sheer pants. They’re entirely sheer, from top to bottom! And they’re as sexy as it gets. Also, to show just a peek of your gams, you can try out the Sheer Runners, a runner’s legging with a sizeable sheer panel on the thigh. A sheer mesh tank top completes the look. N2N has enough men’s underwear, sports appareal, and loungewear to keep you looking fine and sexy all day long, no matter what you’re doing. So don’t settle for anything less!