Papi makes men’s underwear with a sexy look and a sense of humor to boot. Who doesn’t love a laugh? Try Papi underwear and see for yourself how their playful designs will spice up your day and your underwear drawer. They’re sure to put you in an upbeat mood, while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

Papi makes mens underwear for the guy who wants to look hot but doesn’t take himself too seriously. This is men’s underwear that makes you smile. Their quality design and all day comfort is something to smile about too! Get in on the fun and try Papi men’s underwear now.

A good place to start is Papi’s Super P brief. Ever wish you could return to childhood, just for a little while, and read comic books all day? Papi wants to share in your reminiscence of the good old days with this cartoon-inspired brief, available in red and blue. A grown up take on boyhood tighty whiteys, these puppies are the adult, super sexy version of your childhood briefs. They feature a large super hero drawing on the front panel, and graphic novel-inspired cartoons on the back. These lighthearted briefs will put you in a playful, carefree mood all day, and the snug fit means you’ll be looking hot and staying snug and supported too. Also available as a trunk! If you love the Super P brief and trunk, try the Surprise Me Trunk. This style, while not comic-book themed, features bold graphics in bright colors, and a sharp plaid pattern. The vibe is more preppy Ivy Leaguer than comic book nerd, but it offers the same cheerful, bright design and perfect fit that Papi does best. The four-way stretch design means that you get a great fit and a slim silhouette, free of bunching or wrinkles. This style is also available as the Surprise Me Thong! Same fun plaid print, same Papi underwear logo waistband, but no prepster P-initial logo. There’s no room for that on a thong!

For something different, try a European-inspired style, like the Ibiza Euro Trunk, to give your look a little Spanish spice. Papi underwear lovers can also stock up on the basics with Papi’s convenient three packs of briefs in various covetable colors. Be sure to grab a tank top too, while they’re still here! Papi is a favorite of playful, sexy men, whether young or just young at heart.