As the trend in men’s swimwear turns to more fitted looks, squarecuts are turning up in all the hot spots. Square cut swim trunks combine a body-hugging fit with comfortable coverage — and a fashionably retro look.

Ready to incorporate a little more style into your choice of swimwear? Have you tried square cut swim trunks? The trend in men’s swimwear is turning to more fitted, sleek looks. That’s where squarecut swimsuits come in. You’ll find lean and sexy square cut swim trunks at all the hottest beaches, swim clubs and resorts. Squarecuts feature sleek stretch knit fabrics, combined with a body-hugging fit with comfortable coverage. And with their close-to-the body fit, square cut swim trunks are perfect for swimming (you won’t have loose fabric clinging to your legs when you emerge from the water) and you’ll get a great tan without baring too much.

Check out our collection of squarecut swimwear from Tulio®, Tactics®, Baskit, and Pistol Pete®. Low-rise squarecuts in solids, plaids and prints are guaranteed to get noticed.

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