hot mens underwear


When it comes to men’s underwear, guys today have just as many options as the ladies—everything from everyday basics to sexy men’s underwear. Gone are the days when your choices were limited to tighty whiteys or boxy shorts, nowadays guys can find everything from sexy men’s bikinis to super hot men’s underwear like men’s thongs, men's jocks and men’s g-strings. Of course, there are classic briefs, men's boxer briefs and trunks, men's undershirts and even shape enhancers.

Let’s start with the most basic of men’s underwear styles: briefs. This classic cut fits close to the body and offers comfort and just the right amount of coverage. Calvin Klein®, UnderGear® and Contour offer some of the best everyday basic briefs in soft stretch knits with special contouring for comfort and support. Briefs also come in fashion colors and fabrics. Some of the best are offered by C-IN2®, 2(x)ist® or Body Tech®, and combine bold details and trendy colors with comfortable coverage.

If you like a bit more coverage, you’ll want to check out trunks and boxer briefs. The longer length and smooth fit of trunks is great when you want support, and with their muscle-hugging contours they can be a surprisingly sexy underwear option too. Check out Unico®, N2N® or Man Zone®. For those who prefer something looser, boxer briefs offer length with fit that’s a little roomier. Top sellers from Ken Wroy® and Good Devil® continue to be customer favorites.

If you’re looking for sexy underwear some of the hottest looks in men’s underwear are from brands like Andres Velasco®, which combines fashion trends with a touch of Latin flavor. Up the drama with edgy styles from Doreanse and Extreme Collection®. So how bare will you dare to go? For starters, men’s bikinis, like the designs from Body Tech® and Male Power®, offer the perfect balance of coverage and exposure, many are specifically designed with no-show waistbands which offer a sleek look under tight low-rise jeans and pants. Thongs are another great option, as the barely-there back and front pouch are virtually invisible under clothes. We’re hearing really great things about the super-sleek, modern thong from Clever®. Some of the best men’s thongs offer enhancement which will give your whole look a major boost. Get a load of the forward-thinking designs from brands like Joe Snyder, Cocksox™, Intymen®.

These days jocks have stepped out of the gym and entered into seriously sexy territory. You’ll be amazed at the variety of materials and styles available—everything from faux suede and leather to the clingiest spandex. They still offer support and keep your jewels safe, plus these hot men’s underwear styles from Pistol Pete® or Pikante will definitely bring the attention front and center.

When is less more? When it’s a men’s g-string. This minimal style delivers maximum exposure and is the next best thing to being bare.

Shape enhancers can really help you accentuate the positive, hide the negative and will do wonders for how you look and feel. If you’re looking to boost your bottom line, Shape Enhancers® is exactly what you’re looking for. Want to tone and tighten faster than the gym? Shape-enhancing undershirts from Naughty Boy® and 2(x)ist® will have you looking buff instantly.